The documentary, Hip Hop: The New World Order affirms Hip Hop culture as a powerful vehicle for self-expression by youth around the world, empowering them in the areas of education, economics, politics, entertainment, and new media.

Shot in 8 international cities (Tokyo, Havana, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Rio de Janeiro & Johannesburg) over a span of 3 years (1998-2000), the project embarks on the groundbreaking mission to unearth the practice and business of Hip Hop culture worldwide.

The first documentary produced on global hip hop, Hip Hop: The New World Order has mushroomed into a rare archive and video survey of pioneering artists and communities around the Hip Hop world during the turn of the 21st century and has been used as an educational tool for platforms including Harvard, The New School and the US Mission to the UN.

Produced and Directed by Muhammida El Muhajir.

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